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For us, customer-focus means rapid, flexible, unbureaucratic procurement of raw materials to match your precise requirements. Wether compounds and powders for bonded magnets or ferrite for bonded magnets, we deliver.

In addition to straightforward procurement, we also offer comprehensive consultancy services and help you in selecting and using the products we offer.

Close collaboration with our partners allows us to guarantee our customers that our products will have precisely the properties needed for their particular application. No matter whether you are looking for a standard product or a custom solution, you can rely on us and our partners.

Once the right solution has been found, our customers expect us to deliver reliably, punctually and safely. And we have sophisticated, professional logistics in place to make sure that this happens, whether it will be from our extensive stock or direct from the manufacturer's production line.

In addition to the actual carriage, we will of course also deal with all the necessary freight, customs and insurance formalities.

Whether you are looking for small batches, partial deliveries or quantities sufficient for mass production, we will make sure that your goods are ready for you at the right time and in the right place.

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