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» Soft ferrite bonded magnetic compounds for injection molding

This material absorbs electromagnetic waves in the GHz bandwidth. Selection and compounding of different raw materials makes it possible to adjust the frequencies of the electromagnetic waves to be absorbed and provide the material with the properties needed for different fields of application.


  1. Around 20% lighter than metal housings thanks to the proportion of plastic in the compound. Unlike sintered material, no tendency to crack or chip.
  2. The compound has a high Q value, providing low magnetization reversal loss in the GHz bandwidth in antenna applications, for instance.


Some of these materials are used primarily for the cores of electronic components or as sealing materials. Other applications include: wireless communication, mobile device housings, DSRC toll collection, information reception devices, GHz bandwidth antennas.

» Metallic soft magnetic materials: Metallic flat-grain powder and metallic bonded magnet compound for molding.

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