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» High-density compounds with tungsten for injection molding

Mate's DW Series high-density material with tungsten is an extremely heavy compound that can be shaped by injection molding. Parts manufactured in this way are used wherever high levels of inertia or high weight are required. Mate's DW Series materials are excellent substitutes for lead and lead-bearing materials. They are also suitable for injection molded parts where a metallic structure is required.


  1. Densities up to 13.5 g/cm³ are available (the density of lead is 11.3 g/cm³).
  2. The material can be shaped using commercially available injection molding machines.
  3. Environmentally friendly material without the risks associated with lead.


Applications requiring high weight (vibratory motor, fishing equipment, stabilizers, weights, replica firearms); applications requiring high inertia (flywheels, gravity sensors); applications requiring touch or texture (housings, logos, products for use near water).